As the ghostface writer I have had the pleasure of writing about an incredibly diverse range of topics for a variety of different clients.

Learning about a new subject and then writing about it in an informative, logical, and well-structured manner is always a challenging and interesting task.

Selecting the most critical and important points of a subject, organizing it, and tying it all together has always been an affinity of mine since my early school days.

I am also open to contract work. I recently completed a 5 month contract with Swish, writing content for the launch of their new website.

The following is a list of clients I have written content for, organized by category. Please click on the links below to view a writing sample.



Home Maintenance, Care & Repair



Automotive Maintenance & Machinery



To request another writing sample for any of the above subject matter, please contact me at jason@theghostfacewriter.com or fill out the contact form.